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About Us

Washington DC is divided into 40 districts called Advisory Neighborhood Commissions. Each division has information pertaining to local businesses, legislation, and news. This site brings the latest information about the various divisions and keeps residents updated on local activities.

Welcome Back

washinton DC

The ANC is back and better than ever!  Keeping up with your neighborhood is important.  Each neighborhood, or district, has unique and important information that you need to know.  Here at the ANC Brigade, we have a place that locals can come to see the latest news, both local and worldwide.

If you are looking for your local ANC, CLICK HERE to find it.

Thanks so much to Carla Tate, William Rudin, and Elizabeth Stratton for keeping the ANC going.


Running For ANC

Have you ever wanted to get involved in your local politics?  Become a part of your ANC and run for office.

How to get your name on the ballot | ANC Washington, DC